Writing, like art, starts with a blank page and a mind full of ideas. A painter starts with oils, acrylics, watercolors, brushes, and a canvas; the sculptor begins with a ball of clay or another medium. The writer has pen and paper or keyboard and monitor. For some writers, the process is agonizing, requiring multiple restarts and rewrites. For others, stories spill out of their minds almost faster than they can write or type. In either case, the writer’s need for an editor is mandatory. Every writer makes mistakes; a good editor knows how to correct them. That’s where the WRITE DOCTORS come in handy.

If you have completed your writing, you came to the right place if you want your manuscript to be transformed into a published book of fiction or non-fiction that you can be proud to offer to the public. We offer a variety of pre-publishing plans to suit your needs and budget. We deliver a polished manuscript, and, depending on the plan you choose, we assist you in marketing your book after it is published.

If you want to tell your story but feel you cannot write it yourself, we offer our ghostwriting service. Contact WRITE DOCTORS to discuss this option.