"Words are sacred. They deserve respect.
If you get the right words,
In the right order, You can nudge the world a little."
Tom Stoppard

Susan Giffin

In her past life (before becoming a full-time writer and editor), Susan Giffin was a public relations practitioner, primarily in the medical field. A tip from her Belgian friend Pierre led her to step outside 20 years of that work and study screenwriting under the great guru Harvey Ovshinsky. Since then, Susan has been a writer, ghostwriter, and/or editor of 200 books for authors from 32 states and 18 countries. Several of her edited books have won multiple awards. Susan’s own books or her clients’ books have touched on virtually every subject: from horses to hemorrhoids, politics to prisons, recipes to revisionist history, and from tall tales to taller truths.

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Pablo Omar Zaragoza

Pablo emigrated from Cuba to the United States. He graduated from medical school and, following his residency in pathology, he practiced that specialty for many years. Now semi-retired, he pursues his other passion: writing. Tears to Armageddon is his first novel, followed by Protect the Guilty and Sour Life. Pablo is a fiction writer with a keen eye for the big picture, making sure the plot makes sense, the characters pop, and the dialogue is authentic for the time in which the story takes place. He tackles big issues, often with the recurrent theme of redemption. His characters come alive, and his description of action to allow the reader’s imagination to take hold. Pablo’s books are provocative page-turners that, by the end, leave the reader wishing he’d written more. He entertains, teaches, and inspires.

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