Sam Westmore killed several people before committing suicide. That, in and of itself, makes for an interesting read, but Protect the Guilty becomes a compelling story when it portrays Sam as a ghost, reliving and relating the events of his life that led to his acts of violence, hoping against the bitter realities of life to clear himself as a mindless, out-of- control human.

From his invisible vantage, Sam first observes the crime scene while learning how to navigate his new form, learning from the inside out what makes people think – and tick. To relate his pre-suicide life, he spends time with two law enforcement investigators as they play a thumb drive they had retrieved from Sam’s cold fist to learn the truth behind the multiple deaths.

When Sam is not reliving his life, he wanders about the city, observing people and doing good deeds mysteriously. Every night, he sees the same homeless man sleeping near a historic monument. But is this an ordinary homeless man or someone far more special? What message will he eventually give Sam to make his after-life mission meaningful?



Now available on KINDLE: Our second book – SOUR LIFE

A Cuban family patriarch, late in life, narrates this story, historical fiction surrounding his family’s fight to preserve democracy in that Caribbean island nation; their ultimate loss of their beloved homeland and emigration to the United States; his service as a Green Beret in the Vietnam War; and subsequent medical service in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Underlying these efforts is his struggle to thwart drug trafficking and find the CIA killer of his Laotian wife and unborn child.

Revisionist history dominates the first section on Cuba and takes the reader around the world as the patriarch fulfills his mission to deliver health care and hunt the killer, ultimately ending in war-torn Nicaragua, where he exacts his revenge. He descends into one careless delivery of drugs and lands in federal prison on a five-year sentence. That section departs from fiction and gives an eye-opening inside look at the problems in the U. S. criminal justice system, as does his re-entry first through a halfway house and then back into the real world where he again struggles to find his rightful place and restore relationships with his family.

From beginning to end, SOUR LIFE is touching, well-balanced historical fiction, filled with romance and revenge, drama and determination: a real page-turner.