“Writing is easy.
All you have to do is cross out the wrong words.”
Mark Twain

Mark Twain was right, but not every writer, especially the first-timers, knows how to take out the wrong words. At WRITE DOCTORS, we remove not only the wrong words but also the redundant ones. We know how to do it, plus advise our clients as to what still needs to be added or rewritten to complete the pre-published draft. Our goal is simple: to deliver the most readable, most polished manuscript that will give you a book you are proud to call your own.

Here are three plans that offer a variety of options toward getting your book from writer’s draft to pre-published manuscript, and beyond.


Plan A

- Manuscript
- Line editing

Plan B

- Manuscript (150-224 pages)
- Line Editing

- Content editing
- Critique

Plan C

- Manuscript (225-349 pages)
- Line Editing

- Content editing
- Critique

- Galley proofreading

Plan D

- Manuscript (350-500 pages)
- Line Editing

- Content editing
- Critique

- Galley proofreading

Marketing support



We base our fees by the page and on the amount of work we need to do to make a manuscript ready for publishing. To quote a fee for our editing services, we must receive at least one sample chapter of the manuscript that the client wants us to edit.*

Marketing tips and support are available for an extra fee, which will be determined at the time of setting contract terms.


All clients must enter into an agreement (contract) with WRITE DOCTORS. For a copy of the agreement, contact us.

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New authors often ask how many pages they should write. Our advice: The page count stops when there is no more to say. Don’t pad the manuscript with text that fluffs the story but does nothing to move it forward to a reasonable conclusion. In just 98 pages, Spencer Johnson wrote the best-seller: Who Moved My Cheese?

*We reserve the right to refuse materials that do not reflect our corporate principles.

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