WRITE DOCTORS and our clients bear certain responsibilities to move a book project forward. Here are the mutually beneficial responsibilities of both parties:

Write Doctors

  • For a pre-approved fee, we will edit or ghost-write our client’s manuscript (with or without credit).
  • We keep all writing confidential until a book is published.
  • We honor all terms in our formal (legal) agreement with our clients.
  • We respect that the client owns the copyright to his or her book.
  • If, for any reason, Write Doctors cancel our involvement in the project, we relinquish any unpaid fees.
  • We set a 30-day turnaround for completion of a project. The size of the project dictates
  • the schedule, but we pride ourselves on the timely execution of all tasks.
  • If the project takes longer, we notify the client promptly.
  • The project commences when the Write Doctors and the client sign the agreement, pays 50% of the pre-approved fee, and submits manuscript electronically to us.
  • We will proofread the publishing galleys, if the client has chosen an editing plan that includes that pre-publishing task.
  • If the client has entered into a plan that includes marketing, Write Doctors will
  • commence to advise the client as soon as the client-approved manuscript goes to the publisher.
  • Write Doctors bear no responsibility for terms of agreement between our client and his or her publisher of choice.


  • The client must provide all necessary materials to the Write Doctors for editing or ghostwriting the manuscript.
  • The client must honor all terms of the formal agreement.
  • In addition to honoring the fee payment terms, including a 50% deposit to start project,
  • the client must pay an additional set fee for editing drafts that, due to the client’s changes or other alterations, exceed a total of three edited drafts, including the first edited draft.
  • If, for any reason, the client decides to cancel the project, he or she must notify the Write Doctors in writing, after which the client is not responsible for paying the remainder of the original fee.
  • The client launches the project by signing and returning a copy of the agreement along with the 50% deposit.
  • Upon receipt of the first edited draft from the Write Doctors, the client must pay half of the balance of the fee.
  • The client must review carefully the edited draft in a timely manner and send all changes/corrections to the Write Doctors for revision.
  • When the client approves the edited draft for submission to the publisher, the client
  • must pay the balance of the fee, plus any extra-draft fees, prior to the Write Doctors submitting the manuscript to the publisher.
  • If the first edited draft meets with the client’s approval, then the client must pay the balance of the fee before the Write Doctors submit the approved manuscript to the publisher.
  • If the client has not chosen a plan that includes galley proofreading, it is the
  • responsibility of the client to perform that important task before signing off with the publisher and sending the book to be printed.
  • The client alone is responsible for any agreement or contract entered into with the publisher.