Our six screenplays cover six different genres: romantic comedy, drama, science fiction, horror, crime, and animation. Here is the log line (one-sentence summary) for each screenplay:

The Animal Court

Representatives of animal, plant, and insect species, disheartened by the destruction their habitat and the poisoning of their food and water supplies, hold court in a Nigerian rainforest to charge a prince, who oversees a global conglomerate, with multiple crimes against their kingdoms, but after hearing the case, the animal judges order a sentence with a twist.


A young scientist discovers an organism that steals electricity from all sources of energy, and he must race against time and terror to stop this out-of- control creature.


Casi de Nova

A humble, beleaguered restaurant owner in the dusty Red Light District of a Mexican town devises an unethical scheme to defraud unsuspecting older American women and, with their unwitting support, attempts to become a local hero.

Five Women Waiting

Five mature women, unaware of each other, fall in love with the same man – an inmate serving a long prison sentence and about to be released – and each expects him to continue their romance in freedom.

The Palace of Wrinkles

In separate scenarios, men and women seek profound physical change – age and gender – but do not fathom the horrors that await them on the journey to realize their dreams.

An Infectious Game

A bacteriological artist, she paints a deadly canvas; motivated by abuse and greed, she strikes an alliance with narco-terrorists, rogue states, and others in order to finish her masterpiece.

Producers, Directors, Development Directors

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