Susan Giffin's Testimonials

Eve Branson, Mum’s the Word, the mother of Virgin Airline’s Sir Richard Branson

Thank you so much for all the help you gave to get this book finally launched. Best wishes.

Lorraine Evanoff, FOLIAGE, historic novelist and all-round financial wizard

As the first person ever to read my manuscript, your praise, encouragement, and guidance have been priceless. To the best editor this writer could have hoped for, merci!

Stephen M. Grimble, author and philanthropist

Thank you for all your help, expertise, and patience in making my book [For Love & Liberty] far better than it otherwise would be. I now see why it is said that the most important decision an aspiring author makes is who he or she chooses for an editor. It has been a pleasure working with you, and your encouragement has lifted me up when I would get discouraged.

Al Rivera, leading minority masonry expert, author of The Barefoot Shoeshine Boy

It is one thing to be a good writer, but how do you get inside someone’s heart and mind like you did mine? That is what is truly amazing about your gift. Stanley C. Grandon, MD, a leading refractive surgeon You have mastered the art of writing for the mass market.

Steve Lipscomb, RETOLD: The Story of Jesus, Episcopalian bishop, Kansas City, MO

To my editor and friend, Susan, with great affection: thank you for all your help!

Eray Honeycutt, retired California businessman and entrepreneur

That you were able to capture my life experiences [Just Do It!] and make me cry when I first saw them in black and white is a tribute to your gift of writing.

Harvey Ovshinsky, dean of screenwriting, mentor, story consultant

A Minute Past Midnight is a stunning accomplishment. It is certainly one of the finer drafts that have ever come out of my screenwriting groups. I am very proud to have been there for its birth. You are a fine writer and a brave heart.